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This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) lays out the privacy practices of Tarot & Astrology by Psychic Draven Grey (which will be referred to, subsequently, as Draven Grey) which includes, and its use of Facebook Pages and Groups (including, without limitation,,, ) (collectively, the “Websites”); Draven Grey’s websites and any other websites or services that link to this Privacy Policy, (collectively, the “Websites”); and all other Draven Grey products or services provided or otherwise made accessible on or through the Websites or the Websites or that otherwise link to or reference this Privacy Policy. The Websites, the Websites, and any other Draven Grey products or services that link or refer to this Privacy Policy are collectively referred to as the “Service.” This Privacy Policy describes how Draven Grey collects, discloses, stores, transfers, and uses information that could individually identify our users (“Personal Data”) in connection with our Service.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties, as explained in more detail below. In this Privacy Policy, “we,” “us,” “our,” and other similar references mean Draven Grey, “you” and “your” and other similar references mean any user of the Service, and “Draven Grey Affiliates” means any parent, subsidiary, member, officer, director, employee, agent, or contractor of Draven Grey or any entity under common control with Draven Grey.

This policy applies (i) immediately to new users who use or access the Service on or after the Effective Date and (ii) on the Effective Date to users who use or access the Service before the Effective Date.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices. You can reach us online at


The Service is hosted and operated in the United States (“U.S.”), with development, support and maintenance operations in other countries (and hosting soon to come in the European Union (“EU”), through GoDaddy and its service providers. If you do not reside in the U.S., laws in the U.S. (and other countries) may differ from the laws where you reside. By using the Service, you acknowledge that any Personal Data about you, regardless of whether provided by you or obtained from a third party, is being provided to Draven Grey in the U.S. and will be hosted on U.S. servers, and you authorize Draven Grey to transfer, store, host and process your information to and in the U.S., and possibly other countries, but only within the confines of Draven Grey. You hereby consent to transfer of your data to the U.S. pursuant to either, at Draven Grey’s discretion, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, the details of which are further set forth below, or the standard data protection clauses promulgated by the EC, a copy of which can be obtained at


If you are located in the EU, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Norway, or Iceland, you may have additional rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) related to your Personal Data, as further described below. Draven Grey will be the controller of your Personal Data processed in connection with the Service.


Types of Personal Data We Collect

Draven Grey collects Personal Data about you when you provide it directly to us, when third parties such as our business partners (e.g. companies with whom we integrate our Service), service providers (such as our advertising service providers) provide us with Personal Data about you, or when Personal Data about you is automatically collected in connection with your use of our Service. We collect the following Personal Data from you in connection with the Service:

  • Contact Information: information      we collect to identify or contact you, we collect typical “business card      information” such as your first and last name, physical address, email      address, telephone number, or Twitter handle. For example, this is the      basic information that we collect when you register for our flagship      design and prototyping Service. 
  • Financial Account Information: information that you provide in connection with      your purchase of the Service (or a purchase made through the Service),      including credit card number, credit card expiration date, credit card      verification code, bank account number, bank account title, bank name,      branch location, and routing number. You must only provide us with      Financial Account Information for accounts and credit cards that you have      the lawful right to access. 
  • Transaction Information: information related to transactions you conduct      on the Service, including paid chats, texts, phone calls, and emails.
  • User Account Information: information that identifies you to the Service, such      as your user name, email address, password, and IP address. For example,      we use this information to authenticate you when you log in to the      Service, and use the IP address to help maintain your web session security      while using the Service. This is verified in a more personal way,      when the original chat is initiated after service is paid for, before      service is provided. 
  • User Content: to the extent that you choose to      input Personal Data as part of such content, images, comments, and other      content, information, and materials that you post to or through the      Service. 
  • Partner Information: information that our business      partners, such as our content-providing partners, share with us -- for      example, if you use their services to purchase, preview, and/or otherwise      use their content when using our Service.
  • Log Data: information      automatically recorded by the Service about how a person uses our Service,      such as IP addresses, device and browser type, operating system, the pages      or features of our Website or Service to which a user browsed, the time      spent on those pages or features, the frequency with which the Service is      used by a user, search terms used by a user, the links on the Service that      a user clicked on or used, and other statistics.

We also collect usage and performance information that is not Personal Data or that we aggregate or de-identify so that it no longer personally identifies an individual. We also associate some data that is not Personal Data with Personal Data.

We collect Personal Data when a user (i) creates an account (a “User Account”); (ii) logs into the Service; (iii) interacts with the Service; (iv) uploads or generates User Content; (v) communicates with us; and (vi) responds to a communication or interaction from us. Some of the methods and tools we use to collect Personal Data are:

Unique Identifiers: We use unique identifiers such as cookies, e-mail or your pseudonymized customer ID to track individual usage behavior on our Service, such as the length of time spent on a particular page and the pages viewed during a particular log-in period. Unique identifiers collect information about a user’s use of our Service on an individual basis.

Mobile Device Identifiers: Mobile device identifiers are identifiers stored on your mobile device that track certain data and activities occurring on or through your device. Mobile device identifiers enable collection of Personal Data (such as media access controls) as well as non-personally identifiable information (such as usage and traffic data).

Cookies, Web Beacons, and Other Tracking Tools: We and our third party service providers collect information about you, your device, and your use of the Service through cookies, clear gifs (a.k.a. web beacons/web bugs) (“Web Beacons”), and other tracking tools and technological methods (collectively, “Tracking Tools”). Tracking Tools collect information such as computer or device operating system type, IP address, browser type, browser language, mobile device ID, device hardware type, the website or application visited or used before or after accessing our Service, the parts of the Service accessed, the length of time spent on a page or using a feature, and access times for a webpage or feature. These Tracking Tools help us learn more about our users and analyze how users use the Service, such as how often users visit our Service, what features they use, what pages they visit, what emails they open, and what other sites or Websites they used prior to and after visiting the Service. 

Cookies:  Like many websites and mobile application operators, we collect certain information through the use of “cookies,” which are small text files that are saved by your browser when you access our Service. Cookies can either be “session cookies” or “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are stored on your device while you are visiting our Website or using our Service, whereas “persistent cookies” are stored on your device for a period of time after you leave our Website or Service. We use persistent cookies to store your preferences so that they are available for the next visit, and to keep a more accurate account of how often you visit our Service, and how your use of the Service varies over time. We also use persistent cookies to measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts. Through these cookies, we may collect information about your online activity after you leave our Service. For more information on cookies, including how to control your cookie settings and preferences, visit, and and review our Cookie Policy.

Web Beacons: Web Beacons help us better manage content on our Service by informing us what content is effective. Web Beacons are embedded in, or otherwise associated with, certain emails or other communications that you receive from us or our partners. Web Beacons help us track your responses and interests and deliver relevant content and services to you. For example, they may let us know when you take actions based on the emails that we send. Web Beacons also allow us to enhance our Behavioral Advertising (defined below), which is further discussed below in the section titled “Online Behavioral Advertising” below.

Social Media Widgets: Some parts of our Service may include social media features, such as the Facebook “like” button, and widgets, such as the “share this” button. These social media features are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our Service. When you use these tools, the party that provides the tool, the third party that operates the social media services, and/or we may receive Personal Data about you. By using these tools, you acknowledge that some information, including Personal Data, from your social media services will be transmitted to us, and that information is therefore is covered by this Privacy Policy, and some information, including Personal Data, may be shared with the third party services, and that information is therefore governed by their privacy policies.

Third Party Sources: We may use third-party services, such as open search tools and social networks, to obtain information about you (such as your name or company) and to enrich your personal information by obtaining publicly available information about you, such as your job title, employment history and contact information.

Online Behavioral Advertising: Some of our advertising (“Behavioral Advertising”) involves using Tracking Tools to collect information about a user’s online activities over time and across non-affiliated websites and Websites and providing ads to the user based the user’s interests (as inferred from the user’s online activity) or use of our Service. Behavioral Advertising may appear on our Service or on other websites or services. We work with third parties to provide Behavioral Advertising, such as advertising networks, data exchanges, traffic measurement service providers, marketing analytics service providers, and other third-party service providers (collectively, “Advertising Service Providers”). Advertising Service Providers perform services such as facilitating targeting of advertisements and measuring and analyzing advertising effectiveness on the Service (collectively, all such services, “Targeting Services”). Targeting Services help us display Behavioral Advertising, prevent you from seeing repeated ads, and enable us to research the usefulness of ads.

We adhere to self-regulatory principles for online behavioral advertising issued by the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (“EDAA”) (collectively, the “OBA Principles”). More information about the OBA Principles can be found at and

You have the option to opt out of Behavioral Advertising. For more information, see the section below titled “Opting Out of Behavioral Advertising and Tracking Tools.”

Use of Personal Data

Draven Grey uses Personal Data to: (i) provide, administer, and improve our Service; (ii) better understand your needs and interests; (iii) fulfill requests you make; (iv) personalize your experience; (v) provide Service announcements; (vi) provide you with information and offers from Draven Grey, Draven Grey Affiliates, and our business partners; (vii) protect, investigate, and deter against fraudulent, harmful, unauthorized, or illegal activity and (viii) comply with legal obligations.

For example, we use Personal Data to:

  • Operate and improve the Service
  • Learn more about our users and their internet behaviors
  • Target offers to users
  • Evaluate eligibility of customers for certain offers,      products, or services
  • Evaluate the types of offers, products, or services      that may be of interest to users
  • Provide user support
  • Communicate with users regarding support, security,      technical issues, commerce, marketing, and transactions
  • Facilitate marketing, advertising, surveys, contests,      sweepstakes, and promotions
  • Administer the Service, User Accounts, and transactions      with respect to User Accounts


We will only use your Personal Data if we have a lawful basis for doing so. Lawful bases for processing include consent, contractual necessity, and our “legitimate interests” or the legitimate interest of others, as further described below.

  • Contractual Necessity: We process the following categories of Personal Data      because we need to process the data to perform under our User Agreement      with you, which enables us to provide you with the Service. When we      process data due to contractual necessity, failure to provide such      Personal Data will result in your inability to use some or all portions of      the Service that require such data:
    • Contact Information
    • User Account Information
    • Financial Account Information
    • Transaction Information
  • Legitimate Interest:      We process the following categories of Personal Data when we believe doing      so furthers the legitimate interest of us or third parties:
    • Contact Information
    • Financial Account Information
    • User Account Information
    • Transaction Information
    • User Content
    • Log Data

Examples of these legitimate interests include:

  • Operation and improvement of our business, products,       and services
  • Marketing of our products and services
  • Provision of customer support
  • Protection from fraud or security threats
  • Compliance with legal obligations
  • Completion of corporate transactions
  • Consent:      In some cases, we process Personal Data based on the consent you expressly      grant to us at the time we collect such data. When we process Personal      Data based on your consent, it will be expressly indicated to you at the      point and time of collection.
  • Other Processing Grounds: From time to time we may also need to process Personal      Data to comply with a legal obligation, if it is necessary to protect the      vital interests of you or other data subjects, or if it is necessary for a      task carried out in the public interest.


We don’t share personal data, except that which third parties, such as Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Instagram, etc. do so by law. 

  • Third parties who act for us or provide services for      us, such as billing and credit card payment processing, maintenance,      sales, marketing, administration, support, data enrichment, hosting, and      database management services

There are cases in which your data might be shared, of your own accord, for example:

  • Other users (when you use a “share link” to post      information publicly, share or comment on content, or as otherwise      necessary to effect a transaction initiated or authorized by you through      the Service)
  • Social media services (if you interact with them      through your use of the Service)
  • Third party business partners who you access through      the Service
  • Other parties authorized by you
  • The owner and administrator(s) of the Service account      that you use, or of the email address that you used to register with the      Service (see “Use of Third-Party E-mail Address” immediately below).

We will only share Personal Data when we believe it is necessary to:

  • Comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal      process, including from law enforcement or other government agencies
  • Protect us, our business or our users, or third      parties, for example to enforce our terms of service, prevent spam or      other unwanted communications and investigate or protect against fraud
  • Maintain the security of our services

We also share information with third parties when you have given us consent to do so.


Opting Out of Behavioral Advertising and Tracking Tools

You can opt-out of certain Behavioral Advertising activities by doing one or more of the following. Please note that you will need to opt-out of each browser and device for which you desire to apply these opt-out features. 

  • Service Provider Opt Out: You can opt-out directly from some Advertising Service      Providers and providers of Tracking Tools by using their opt-out tools.      Some of these service providers, and links to their opt-out tools, are:
  • Industry Opt Out Tools: Some Advertising Service Providers or providers of      Tracking Tools may participate in the Network Advertising Initiative's      (NAI) Opt-Out Tool (      and/or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Consumer Choice Page (,      and you can opt-out of certain services and learn more about your choices      by visiting the links included there. Users in the EU can visit for      more information about your choices and to opt out of participating      service providers.
  • Web Browser Controls: You can prevent the use of certain Tracking Tools, such      as cookies, on a device-by-device basis using the controls in your web      browser. These controls can be found in the Tools > Internet Options      (or similar) menu for your browser, or as otherwise directed by your      browser’s support feature. Through your web browser, you may be able to:
    • Delete existing Tracking Tools
    • Disable future Tracking Tools
    • Set your browser to provide you with a warning each       time a cookie or certain other Tracking Tools are being set
  • Mobile Opt Out:       Mobile devices may offer settings that enable you to make choices about      the collection, use, or transfer of mobile app information for Behavioral      Advertising. You may also opt-out of certain Tracking Tools on mobile      devices by installing the DAA’s AppChoice app on your mobile device (for      iTunes, visit,      for Android, visit      For more information, please visit, or,      as applicable.
  • Do Not Track:      Your browser may offer you a “Do Not Track” option, which allows you to      signal to operators of websites and web Websites and services (including      behavioral advertising services) that you do not wish such operators to      track certain of your online activities over time and across different      websites. The Service does not support Do Not Track requests at this time,      which means that we collect information about your online activity both      while you are using the Service and after you leave our Service.
  • Our Cookie Management Tool: We also allow you the ability to opt out of      certain types of Cookies by clicking on the cookie banner when you first      enter the applicable website (for EU users), or by using the solution      below:

Please note the following with respect to opting out of Behavioral Advertising:

  • Some opt-out features are cookie-based, meaning that       when you use these opt-out features, an “opt-out” cookie will be placed       on your computer or other device indicating that you do not want to       receive Behavioral Advertising from certain companies. If you delete your       cookies, use a different browser, or use a different device, you will       need to renew your opt-out choice.
  • Opting-out of Behavioral Advertising does not mean that      you will no longer receive online ads. It only means that such ads will no      longer be tailored to your specific viewing habits or interests. You may      continue to see ads on and about the Service.

Emails: We will give you the ability to opt-out of marketing-related emails by clicking on a link at the bottom of each such email. You cannot opt-out of receiving certain non-marketing emails regarding the Service.

Information Shared with Third Parties: Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy, you will be notified when your Personal Data may be shared with third parties, and will be able to prevent the sharing of this information. To the extent permitted or required by applicable law, you can opt-out of having your information shared with a third party that is not our agent, by contacting us at Please note that opting-out of information sharing or collection may affect your ability to use some features of the Service.


We believe the security of your information is a serious issue and we are committed to protecting the information we receive from you. We use commercially reasonable security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of your information under our control based on the type of Personal Data and applicable processing activity, such as data encryption in transit, data encryption at rest (for customers that elect to purchase our “private cloud” solution), pseudonymization, and enforcement of least privilege and need-to-know principles.

To the extent the Service requires you to provide any Financial Account Information, such as when you purchase subscriptions to the Service, that information will be collected and processed by third-party PCI-compliant service providers. We do not store Financial Account Information transmitted through the Service, provided that we do store (or our payment processor on our behalf will store) just the last four digits of your credit card number, if you provide this to us, to comply with credit card processing requirements of authorizations, charges and chargebacks.

All sessions through, by, with, or for Draven Grey are confidential. All precautions will be taken to make sure that the privacy of your personal contacts with Draven Grey are kept secret, safe, and secure. 


We retain Personal Data about you for as long as you use the service. Opting out of email will prevent us from being able to retain data stored on any of Draven Grey owned websites. 


This Privacy Policy applies only to the Service. It does not apply to products, services, or sites that are provided by or operated by third parties, even if such products, services or sites are linked or redirected to or from the Service (“Third-Party Sites”), regardless of whether or not such link or redirection is authorized by Draven Grey. Third-Party Sites may have their own policies regarding privacy, or no policy at all. The fact that we link to a Third-Party Site is not an endorsement, authorization, or representation that we are affiliated with that third party. Draven Grey is not responsible for Third-Party Sites, and you use them at your own risk. We encourage you to read the privacy policies and terms of the Third-Party Sites that you visit or use.

The Service contains areas where you may be able to publicly post information, communicate with others, submit media content, and/or review goods, services, or vendors, such as discussion boards or blogs. Any information, including Personal Data that you post there, will be public and can be viewed by the public at large, and therefore anyone who accesses such postings will have the ability to read, collect, and further disseminate such information. We have no control over, and take no responsibility for, the use, storage, or dissemination of information posted or otherwise made available on such portions of the Service. By posting Personal Data online in public forums, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties.


Accessing, Correcting, and Deleting Your Personal Data and Other Data Subject Rights

You have certain rights with respect to your Personal Data, and we want to help you review and update your information to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.We may limit or reject your request in certain cases, such as if it is frivolous or extremely impractical, if it jeopardizes the rights of others, if it is not required by law, or if the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to your privacy in the case in question. In some cases, we may also need you to provide us with additional information, which may include Personal Data, to verify your identity and the nature of your request. We will take reasonable steps to respond to all requests within 30 days (or less!).

For more information as to tools available to you and your account administrator, please refer to if you have any additional requests or questions:

  • Access:      You can request more information about the Personal Data we hold about you      and request a copy of such Personal Data. 
  • Rectification:      If you believe that any Personal Data we are holding about you is      incorrect or incomplete, you can request that we correct or supplement      such data. 
  • Erasure:      You can request that we erase some or all of your Personal Data from our      systems. Please note that if you request the deletion of information      required to provide the Service to you, your User Account will be deactivated      and you will lose access to the Service.
  • Portability:      You can ask for a copy of your Personal Data in a machine-readable format.      You can also request that we transmit the data to another controller where      technically feasible.

For the following, please email us at

  • Withdrawal of Consent:      If we are processing your Personal Data based on your consent (as      indicated at the time of collection of such data), you have the right to      withdraw your consent at any time. Please note, however, that if you      exercise this right, you may have to then provide express consent on a      case-by-case basis for the use or disclosure of certain of your Personal      Data, if such use or disclosure is necessary to enable you to utilize some      or all of our Service. 
  • Objection:      You can contact us to let us know that you object to the further use or      disclosure of your Personal Data for certain purposes, such as for      marketing purposes. 
  • Restriction of Processing: You can ask us to restrict further processing of your      Personal Data.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint about Draven Grey’s practices with respect to your Personal Data with the supervisory authority of your country or EU Member State.

Closing Your Account

You may close an account, and upon termination of your User Account, we will take reasonable steps to provide, modify, or delete your Personal Data as soon as is practicable. However, Draven Grey may retain your Personal Data to protect the business interests of Draven Grey, Draven Grey Affiliates, vendors, and other users, and some information may remain in archived/backup copies for our records or as otherwise required by law. Those interests include without limitation the completion of transactions, maintaining records for financial reporting purposes, complying with our legal obligations, resolving disputes, and enforcing agreements.

California Privacy Rights

Pursuant to Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, residents of California can obtain certain information about the types of Personal Data that companies with whom they have an established business relationship have shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes during the proceeding calendar year. In particular, the law provides that companies must inform consumers about the categories of Personal Data that have been shared with third parties, the names and addresses of those third parties, and examples of the types of services or products marketed by those third parties. To request a copy of the information disclosure provided by Draven Grey pursuant to Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, please contact as set forth above.


We take our privacy commitments very seriously. We will conduct internal audits of our compliance with this Privacy Policy, and work to ensure that our employees and service providers also adhere to the Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy related to the Service, please send us a detailed message to, and we will try to resolve your concerns. 


We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices. If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified via email (if you have an account where we have your contact information) or otherwise in some manner through the Service that we deem reasonably likely to reach you (which may include posting a new privacy policy on our Website—or a specific announcement on this page or on our blog). Any modifications to this Privacy Policy will be effective upon our posting of the new terms and/or upon implementation of the new changes on the Service (or as otherwise indicated at the time of posting) or on the Effective Date set forth in the modified Privacy Policy. In all cases, your continued use of the Service or Website after the posting of any modified Privacy Policy indicates your acceptance of the terms of the modified Privacy Policy.


Our Service is not to be used under any circumstance by any person under the age of 18, and therefore, Draven Grey does not knowingly acquire or receive Personal Data from children under the age of 18. If we later learn that any user of our Service is under the age of 18, we will take appropriate steps to remove that user’s information from our account database and will restrict that individual from future access to the Service.